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    One of the most complete solutions on the market

    Commission preference

    Determine the commission you want to apply to the buyer, the seller, or both. The rate can be adjusted for each account.

    Optimized ad publication

    To make it easier for users, they can create an account to post their ad in just one step.

    Automatic search expansion

    If a search yields no results, the location is automatically expanded, while prioritizing searches close to the original location.

    Third-party payment processing

    Payment solutions are available to meet your needs, protect you, and help you comply with applicable laws.

    Procedure for outgoing payments

    The seller's payment list is drawn up instantly to simplify audits and transfer procedures.

    Easier SEO

    Everything is in place to simplify your platform's SEO, including tagging, microdata, internal links, and metadata.


    Sellers can choose between two ways of handling payment cancellation: apply strict cancellation terms or offer flexibility with a 100% refund.

    Optimized navigation

    Our platforms are designed for easier navigation and optimized for display on tablets, smartphones, and computers.

    Date-based pricing

    Set up specific prices by season, date, or day of the week to make the most of special deals.

    User ratings

    A rating system where users rate each other. They also have the opportunity to leave comments. This system helps to build trust within the community.

    Service periods

    Users can freely set up service periods, from a minimum to a maximum period of time.

    Personalized emails

    You can schedule emails to be sent for events that are important to your users. You can also send emails about a new request, acceptance, service termination, rating, expiration, reminder, or tips.


    Ads are geolocated, and transactions are accepted only if the ad's exact position is displayed.

    Translated user content

    Content is automatically translated, if needed. Sellers can then edit and improve the translation as they'd like.

    Accounting for availability

    To meet the differing needs of your users, they can make their ads available based on the day of the week, by specific date, or by time slot.

    Internal instant messaging

    An interactive messaging system for starting discussions, complete with a retrievable history of the discussion thread.v


    You can choose between two types of moderation: premoderation (to manage the content that appears on your platform) or postmoderation (for easier community development).

    Time unit customization

    Depending on what best suits your market, you can offer services by the minute, quarter-hour, hour, day, night, week, or month.

    Transaction management

    There are two steps to transaction management. First, the buyer submits a request containing their bank information. Then, the supplier receives the payment and agrees to abide by the service terms.

    Simplified administration

    We provide all the tools you need to make transactions on your platform easier and more efficient.


    Milango integrate the best technical partners of the market

    We select the most cutting-edge partners on the market in order to provide a reliable technical base, and this, by putting user experience at the center.

    Our partners Milango

    Milango is connected to the best solutions on the market

    • Stripe
    • Vue.JS
    • AWS
    • MongoDB
    • Mailchimp
    • Symfony
    • Mangopay
    • Google Maps API
    • Intercom
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Analytics

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